Monks add Value by

  • Streamlining & scaling up digital production with our team of over 350 professionals.

  • In-depth understanding of agency process gained through experience of supporting 1000+ Agencies worldwide.

  • Helping reduce the cost & increasing profitability of an Agency.

  • Increasing reliability through true partnership, which abets Agency growth.

Our Ventures

We offer services through our unique ventures, each of which focuses on key services. This setup helps us to be more efficient & add value to whatever we do.

  • WebbyMonks

    Specialize in Front-end Web development
    & Wordpress integration.

    WebbyMonks excel at converting designs into fully functional HTML & WordPress websites.
  • HubMonks

    We have moved Inbound.HubMonks support INBOUND MARKETERS with their HubSpot COS.

    HubMonks specialize in producing Emails,
    Landing Pages,
    Blogs & Websites for HubSpot COS.
  • MobbyMonks

    Specialize in native (iOS, Android) and hybrid mobile app development. Mobbymonks develop functional and aesthetic

    mobile applications for start-ups, agencies and enterprises.

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What we don’t do

  • We don’t design websites. We only focus on delivering high quality, functional websites.

  • We don’t offer email campaign management. We focus on producing great
    Email Templates & Landing Pages.

  • We don’t offer Inbound Marketing services. We only produce assets for Inbound Marketers.

Here’s why

We believe that designing a website and building a strong email marketing strategy are subjective aspects and they need utmost clarity about client’s requirements. The local angle plays an important role here – be it the local market, consumer behavior, taste, preferences and competition. We believe this role should not be played by an outsourcing partner sitting 4 continents away in a different culture.

We Monks love to focus on what we are best at doing. This virtue has gotten us where we are today.
  • Monks’ Philosophy

    Focused approach and awareness of our strengths & weaknesses are our key differentiating factors. That’s what makes us who we are - The Monks

  • Our two core beliefs

    Stay focused. Focus leads to Expertise. And Expertise helps to deliver better results & delight customers.

    Be cognizant of what you can do the best, and say “No” where you
    can’t deliver the best.

Each of our ventures is set up as a separate business unit.
Each venture has a dedicated Development, Sales & Marketing, HR & Recruitment team.

Our developers working on dedicated ventures, focus on their specific skillset & build expertise around it.
This helps them deliver better results than the generalists.

How we add value to Agencies

Whether you need Email templates, WordPress website development or Hubspot COS web templates, you just have a single point of contact – Account Manager – who manages an Agency’s project with
our individual ventures.

Single point of contact for all ventures & different jobs

Specialized services through our focused expertise

Agency-centric processes & best practices

Various billing models to choose from as per your need

Centralized billing for all your requirements

The Billing Models

  • Project
  • Wallet
  • Dedicated

Project Based Pricing Model

Under this model, Monks will give you a fixed quote for your project after analyzing the detailed specifications provided by you. Prior to the commencement of the project both requirements and the quote will be frozen. Any revisions to the original specifications will incur additional costs. If you have well defined project specifications, this one is ideal for you.

Wallet Based Pricing Model

This model offers you the convenience of placing orders without being bothered to pay each time you place an order. Moreover, you get advance payment discount. You deposit a fixed amount in your Wallet against the invoice raised. Once you place an order, we don’t need to wait for your payment to initiate the project. Also, you get priority if you are using the Wallet Model.

Dedicated Pricing Model

Through this model, we deploy a team of developers & QA experts that dedicatedly works on your projects. You get a control on selecting your team members and prioritizing their work. You can also scale up your team or scale it down without going through any administrative or legal procedure.

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